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Japanese Special Freezing Technology

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Dryness-free, non-discoloring, drip-free yellowtail sashimi

Special Flash Freezing, by the ARTLOCK Freezer

Special Flash Freezing, by the ARTLOCK Freezer

Conventional freezing

Traditional cooling method visual
Directing cold air onto the meat with a single fan

A blast of frigid air comes from one direction.
This causes the food to dry out, crack, oxidize, and discolor, harming its quality.

ARTLOCK (Special Flash Freezing)

Cooling process of ARTLOCK (Special Flash Freezing)
Directing cold air onto the meat with multiple fans

In an ARTLOCK, gently swirling frigid air envelops the food and chills it rapidly. This Special Flash Freezing method minimizes damage to the food and prevents drying, oxidation, and discoloration.

Cooking Meat

Quality approved by professionals

A chef who once flexed his culinary muscles at a two-Michelin-star restaurant in France does research on more than 500 kinds of food in our special laboratory and pinpoints optimal freezing techniques for them. ARTLOCK freezers have become the freezers of choice for restauranteurs in Japan fastidious about their food, including those with Michelin stars. And their customers savor the quality tastes and textures only ARTLOCK freezers afford.

Red Snapper Sashimi

Better than raw

When meat is frozen by regular freezing, the meat drips when thawed, which causes drying and discoloration.
But our special freezing technology can minimize destruction of the cell membranes in the food during thawing, making it possible to reproduce the freshness of the pre-frozen state by preventing drying, discoloration, and dripping.

High-quality freezing that does not damage the foodMicro-Wind System

Conventional wisdom has been that the faster food freezes, the better. But that’s not the whole story. We have developed a “micro-wind system” that freezes food while keeping its quality high. It’s a new mechanism that creates frigid air through a special principle, efficiently chilling food without damaging it.


SpecificationsKey technology

Auto-adjusts the freezing settings to suit the ingredients or seasonAI Smart Freeze

The real-time control system automatically adjusts the freezing settings to the optimal levels, even if you place hot food inside. So no matter when or what type of food is frozen, the quality of freezing will be consistently high. AI Smart Freeze also reduces the load on the system and minimizes the risk of failure.

Refrigerator with a touchscreen panel displaying freezing processes such as internal temperature, environment, freezing time, and airflow.

In an industry first, a failsafe freezer anyone can use with confidence.Fully Automatic Sensor

The completely automatic sensor supports freezing by adjusting the interior temperature, environment, freezing time, and air volume, leaving you free to concentrate on other tasks.

Provides even airflow to every corner of the chamber.Fan Control Born from Fluid
Dynamics Research

A special fan motor and structural design make it possible to circulate air evenly, eliminating variations in freezing quality in different locations.

With the Artlock Freezer, variations in freezing quality due to placement are eliminated compared to conventional freezers.
It automatically detects the internal temperature, ambient temperature, and operational status.

Comprehensively protects both the freezer and food qualityFreeze Protect

The automatic sensor prevents failures and loss of freezing quality arising from incorrect use.

Image of a Kitchen

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