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Flash Freezer

What is it?
How does it work?
What are its benefits?

What is it?

Flash Freezer

A Flash Freezer, sometimes referred to as quick freezer, rapid freezer or blast freezer depending on the core technology it uses  is a machine that brings down  the temperature of food to very low degrees within a very short amount of time at a level in which stops bacteria from deteriorating the product, allowing it to be preserved for a longer period of time.

Food and produce that are frozen through slower means of freezing tend to be dry and damaged when they are defrosted. The formation of larger ice crystals damages the cell walls and reduces the quality of the food.
Flash Freezing using our ARTLOCK Freezers does not allow the process of bigger ice crystal formation to take place. By quickly freezing the product, the cells within the food are undamaged and preserved so that a higher quality result is acquired every time.


Conventional Freezer VS artlock Flash freezer 

Below are moisture loss and color comparisons when defrosting food between a conventional freezer and our ARTLOCK Freezer

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Types of freezers 

Conventional Freezers are the most common freezers available on the market.They can reach 18°C. However, conventional freezers are very slow and they only blow air from one direction using one vent at the highest speed possible. For these reasons, it makes ice crystal formations not as consistent which harms the quality of the food by drying it out and freezing it unevenly. It is not possible to extend the shelf life of your food with a conventional freezer.

A common type of IQF Freezers (Individually Quick Frozen), it is a freezer that utilizes liquid nitrogen to freeze food at extremely low temperatures quickly. They reach a temperature of -80°C. They immerse product in liquid nitrogen at very low temperatures, freezing it rapidly while continuously moving the product to avoid block or lump formation.

Although this method shows good freezing results, it might lead to higher processing costs per weight of product due to the cost of the liquid nitrogen required.

Liquid nitrogen is also a material to handle with care as it can be dangerous for untrained or uncareful workers.

An alcohol freezer is a liquid that utilizes alcohol to quickly cool down products from minus -10°C to -35°C. However, given the fact that you need to submerge food in alcohol, this means that you have to prep your food by vacuum sealing it in a proper bag and clean the outside of the bag after freezing.
This is not ideal as there are risks of the bags being damaged or having holes in them which will let alcohol in and contaminate all the food. Vacuum sealing some delicate food products can also damage the product before freezing.

An Air Blast freezer is a freezer that utilizes fans inside the chamber to get the temperature of the food down. Our ARTLOCK Freezer falls within this category with a unique airflow system called the Microwind system that gently but quickly freezes products up to -45°C to keep the food fresh and high quality without drying it out. ARTLOCK Freezers freeze all products evenly and maintains the water content equally distributed in the food cells. It freezes food products 8 times faster than a conventional freezer

This is the best alternative for business owners that want to freeze products quickly without any extra labor around prep or defrosting and without any hazard potential.

Benefits of a Flash Freezer

Compared to other run of the mill commercial freezers, our ARTLOCK Freezers boast the highest quality freezing standards in the market.
Most commercial freezers are unable to prevent drip loss, with statistics showing up to 3-4% average drip loss. In addition to this, in terms of efficiency, a flash freezer is also up to 30% more energy efficient when compared to their commercial counterparts.This will help businesses curb costs long term and increase their profits exponentially.
With our ARTLOCK Freezer, businesses will be able to freeze their products efficiently and ensure the highest speed and quality the market has to offer.
This will give businesses the edge they need to compete in an increasingly demanding market. This causes the food to dry out, crack, oxidize, and discolor, harming its quality

Guide to Purchasing a Flash Freezer

The first and foremost point to consider when buying a rapid, quick, flash or IQF freezer is how much of your product you want to process per hour. Depending upon this, you can choose between machines that can operate all day long or machines that have an operational window after which it must be turned off, defrosted and cleaned before resuming operation. Depending upon your needs, this can greatly affect the kind of flash freezer you purchase.

A very important factor that must always be considered prior to purchasing a rapid, quick, flash or IQF freezer is its energy efficiency. Freezers that do not have high energy efficiency ratings will have extremely high running costs and will make it harder for you to make back your investment. So please make sure you invest in a blast freezer that has a high energy efficiency rating!

When it comes to specialized freezing, it is often important to consider whether the freezer you are looking to purchase needs to have technology that is specially designed to handle certain products. Different products have various thicknesses, densities, moisture content, fat and more. As such, it is important to remember to choose a rapid, quick, flash or IQF freezer that specializes in your product of choice.

This one is a no brainer. Hygiene and sanitation are of tremendous importance when it comes to freezing product. rapid, quick, flash or IQF freezers without high sanitation and hygiene ratings can often cause cross contamination between various products as well as freeze products unevenly.

Depending upon how much product you want to freeze in a day, it is important to consider the production time and continuous freezing time. Depending upon your needs, you might choose a rapid, quick, flash or IQF freezer that freezes fast but requires regular defrost cycles. Or you might instead want a freezer that can run continuously for a long time with minimal defrost cycles so that it can be connected to say, an assembly line.

Drip Loss is the process by which products lose internal moisture and weight upon defrosting. This is extremely important to consider when choosing a rapid, quick, flash or IQF freezer for your business.
Freezers that can freeze very efficiently result in products with very little drip loss upon defrosting. This can play a very big role in profits as drip loss can affect the weight of the product and make it lose weight due to loss of moisture.

Why choose
The ARTLOCK Flash Freezer?

Unprecedented quality made in Japan

We assure the highest quality and the most consistent results thanks to our micro-wind technology that quickly freezes food. We guarantee no moisture, texture, aroma or flavor loss.

No downtime

Maximize your efficiency with our no downtime freezing system thanks to our anti-frost technology that lets you use your freezer up to 72 hours.

Total solutions service

Get around the clock support from our experts to help you optimize and improve your freezing processes.

Built-in AI

Monitor your freezer status and prevent any issues thanks to our built-in AI assistant. The AI also monitors internal and external temperatures to optimize the freezing cycle.

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