Flash freezer:What is it?How does it work?What are its benefits? Flash freezer:What is it?How does it work?What are its benefits? | 아트락냉동고
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Flash Freezing

What is it?
How does it work?

What is it?

Flash Freezer

A Flash Freezer, also referred to as quick freezer, rapid freezer or blast freezer depending on the core technology it uses is a machine that brings down the temperature of food to very low degrees with a short amount of time at a level in which stops the bacteria from deteriorating the product, allowing it to be preserved for a longer time. 

Flash Freezer : How does it work?

A flash freezer, quick freezer, rapid freezer or blast freezer focuses on rapidly freezing the product to maintain proper retention of moisture, flavor and texture. It accomplishes this via high-speed internal cooling. It rapidly cools down the internal temperature in the freezer, making it much easier to ensure efficient cooling for the product.


Conventional Freezer VS artlock Flash freezer 

Below are moisture loss and color comparisons when defrosting food between a conventional freezer and our ARTLOCK Freezer

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Why choose
the Artlock flash freezer

Unprecedented quality made in Japan

We assure the highest quality and the most consistent results thanks to our micro-wind technology that quickly freezes food. We guarantee no moisture, texture, aroma or flavor loss.

No downtime

Maximize your efficiency with our no downtime freezing system thanks to our anti-frost technology that lets you use your freezer up to 72 hours.

Total solutions service

Get around the clock support from our experts to help you optimize and improve your freezing processes.

More value for your business

Monitor your freezer status and prevent any issues thanks to our built-in AI assistant. The AI also monitors internal and external temperatures to optimize the freezing cycle.

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